The research works of my group include the syntheses, characterization and applications of various Nanomaterials, LASER Plasma, ion irradiation effects on various novel materials and phase transitions. The different topics of current research works are:  


In this class of materials we are synthesizing various systems such as R-CrO3, R-MnO3 and R-Fe2O4 where R could be Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu or Y. The samples are prepared mainly through sol-gel route and characterized for their structural, multiferroic, linear and nonlinear optical properties using TGA/DTA, XRD, SEM, HRTEM, FTIR spectroscopy, Dielectric spectroscopy, VSM, UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy, Photoluminescence spectroscopy and Z-scan technique. The thermal parameters such as heat capacity, thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity are also investigated near the multiferroic transitions. The synthesis and multiferroic coupling of composite nano/multiferroics are also a thrust area of the group.

Nanosemiconductors & Nanophosphors

In this class of materials we concentrate on quantum dots, metal oxides and Sr2CeO4 type materials. The materials are prepared through novel green synthesis routes and sol-gel method and characterized for their various properties. The potential uses of these materials are being explored in different fields which include water purification, sensing and lighting applications.


Under this class of materials various metal, metal oxide, carbon structures (grapheme and CNT), magnetic particles and quantum dot filled polymer nanocomposite materials are prepared using various chemical routes. The interfacial effects of the as prepared nanocomposites are also a thrust area for the group.


Under this class, we are mainly concentrating on relaxor type of ferroelectrics such as Strontium Barium Niobate systems and the effect of rare earth ion doping on the linear and nonlinear optical properties. The samples are being characterized for various properties using sophisticated techniques. The phase transitions in this class of materials are also investigated in detail.


Different nanostructured spinel ferrite systems have been prepared using sol-gel technique and their structural, magnetic, electrical, linear and nonlinear optical properties are investigated. Various systems such as NiFe2O4, CoFe2O4, ZnFe2O4 and mixed compositions of these ferrites have been synthesized and their various physical properties are investigated. The water soluble nanoferrites are also of potential interest to the group.


Under this area, we are mainly concentrating on the preparation and characterization of Polymer based scaffolds for biomedical applications. New hybrid polymer nanocomposites for dental applications are also a thrust of our group.


The various nanomaterials synthesized in the laboratory are explored for different sensing applications which include nanoparticles incorporated membranes for bio-sensing and water purification applications.

Ion beam irradiation effects & Phase transitions

Heavy ion beam irradiation effects on the structural and multiferroic properties of sol-gel derived films of selected nanomultiferroic films are investigated under this category. The studies on the phase transitions of bulk and nanomaterials are also investigated using different techniques.

Climate Change

Aerosol samples collected from urban and semi urban areas of Indian subcontinent are analyzed for chemical characteristics and effects on climatic conditions and atmospheric pollution. Single particle analysis of airborne samples from different altitudes of Indo Gangetic Planes and eastern metropolitan areas for source approximation and climate modeling, and cloud seeding are of current interest.


Development of hybrid materials for water purification, Photocatalysts for degradation of pesticides and herbicides, Biosensors for detection of pathogens and antibiotics in water bodies