A very good wet chemistry synthesis laboratory with major infrastructure facilities such as Furnaces, Centrifuge, Magnetic stirrers, pH meters, Hot air ovens, Microwave oven, Pelletizer, Ultrsonicator and Spin Coaters, Nanobiology with facility for antibacterial studies, Nd:YAG LASER, He-Ne LASER, Quadrant Detector.

For experimental characterizations, Dielectric and resistivity measurement facilities from 77K to 773K, UV-Vis_NIR spectrophotometer, Spectrophotoflourimeter with lifetime measurement facility, X-ray diffractometer, Single Crystal X-ray diffractometer, ME coupling measurement unit, AFM, HRTEM , Electrospinning Unit, VSM are available.

 SEM, Confocal Raman with AFM, GCMS etc. are available as Central facilities of the University

No List of major equipment Model/Make
2. He-Ne LASER  
3. Single Crystal X-RAY Difractometer Bruker Germany
4. FTIR Thermo Nicolet- USA
5. Quadrant Detector  
6. Dielectric and resistivity measurement (77K to 773K)  
7. UV-Vis NIR spectrophotometer Jasco Japan
8. UV VIS NIR Spectrophotometer Agilent USA
9. Spectro photoflourimeter with life time measurement facility  
10. Time resolved Fluoromax Fluorimeter Horiba Jobin Yuvan USA
11. NIR Spectro Fluorimeter – Fluorolog Horiba Jobin Yuvan USA
12. High Tem Programmable furnace MTI Corporation USA
13. Differential Scanning Calorimeter TA Instruments Germany
14. X-ray diffractometer Pan Analyticals Netherlands
15. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy  
16. HRTEM  
17. Electrospinning Unit Physics Equip Co Chennai
18. VSM  
19. ME coupling measurement unit  
20. SEM  
21. Confocal Raman with AFM  
22. TG-DTA Perkin Elmer USA
23. GC Perkin Elmer – Clarus 500
24. LCR meter Agilent Tech USA
25. Advanced fluorescence Microscope Olymbus, U.K.
26. Vacuum Coating Units Hind Hivac, India