A very good wet chemistry synthesis laboratory with major infrastructure facilities such as Furnaces, Centrifuge, Magnetic stirrers, pH meters, Hot air ovens, Microwave oven, Pelletizer, Ultrsonicator and Spin Coaters, Nanobiology with facility for antibacterial studies, Nd:YAG LASER, He-Ne LASER, Quadrant Detector.

For experimental characterizations, Dielectric and resistivity measurement facilities from 77K to 773K, UV-Vis_NIR spectrophotometer, Spectrophotoflourimeter with life time measurement facility, X-ray diffractometer, Single Crystal X-ray diffractometer, ME coupling measurement unit, AFM, HRTEM , Electrospinning Unit, VSM (To be installed soon)are available.

 SEM, Confocal Raman with AFM, GCMS etc. are available as Central facilities of the University